As noted in the Links Page,, GRIDLEY was not cut up for razor blades after she was decommissioned.  She sat at MARAD near San Francisco for over ten years but is now being broken up in Brownsville, Texas.  The picture below was taken in April 2004 and it looks as if the bridge and upper level of CIC are gone.  The ship on the right is the ENGLAND, almost down to the waterline.

A sad end for a proud lady!

The photo (USS Gridley is on the left and the almost finished scrapped hulk on the right is the former USS England DLG/CG-22) shows both ships at International Shipbreaking Limited, Port Of Brownsville, Texas on 26 April 2004. This photo was taken from the AMFELS Yard, accross the ship channel. I verified that the ship on the left is the USS Gridley, by calling the company doing the scrapping:

International Shipbreaking LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) 18500 Southport Road, Brownsville, TX 78521


Here are some notes on where GRIDLEY spent the last ten years.  "Stopped by the MARAD office today to see what I could "see/learn." Got a couple of pictures (attached) but the visit was otherwise not too useful. I'm going to call the lady Monday who seemed the most squared away but wasn't there today.You can see a grouping in the "row" of "double enders" and "single enders" but GRIDLEY is not really discernable. JOUETT and STANDLEY were named as being on the row but I plan to get the exact order. Apparently one needs to be in a boat to get a really good view. I could work on that through some connections that I'd have to resurrect."


Keith Ott reports:  Cruiser row at Benicia has the following CG-16/26 class cruisers in the next to last row (toward the east) and counted from the northern shore:

CG-29 Jouett
CG-32 W H Stanley
CG-30 Horne
CG-23 Halsey
CG-22 England
CG-21 Gridley
CG-31 Sterett (on hold for memorial ship)

I spoke with the PAO at SURFPAC today and he said that WORDEN had just been sunk in a RIMEX. The others above will be scrapped or used as targets at some time in the future.


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